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Hug a Baby Imperial Shih Tzu

Welcome's you to our site of Chinese Imperial and small standard Shih Tzu's. We live in Arizona, breeding for over 12's years to these beautiful loving dogs.

Imperial Chinese Shih Tzu' and Small Standard Shih Tzu's. We live in Arizona , breeding for over 10 yr's. Striving to produce quality of the Imperial Shih Tzu. we make sure to socialize every puppy before he or she goes to their new home. We fell in love with these tiny babies the minute we saw them from a breeder that was our friend. I enjoy when we have a litter of these small size babies, they are part of the family, we love to show them off to family and friends and just watch them play with their siblings they are so amusing to watch, we love them so much we hate to see them leave but going to a loving forever family makes it worthwhile.

A Shih Tzu according to AKC the American Kennel Club and dictated by the National Shih Tzu organization the weight requirements of the Shih Tzu is 9-15.lbs. "Imperial Shih Tzu" breeder's prefer ours under 9 lbs. full grown.
The Chinese Imperial dog is just a name given by those who have fallen in love with the smaller Shih Tzu to distinguish it from it's larger counter parts.
The Chinese Imperial sets the world standard for the Chinese Imperial Dog. A club was formed years ago so that the breeders and fanciers of the small dog could come together and learn from each other and work towards getting the smaller dog recognized as it's own separate version of the breed. The parent club for the Chinese Imperials also has breed standards for this version of the Shih Tzu. Most of your dog sites now do recognize the Chinese Imperial dog and have special categories just for the breeds of this dog. The Chinese Imperial dog has it's own separate registry Chinese Imperials-dog-registry of America.com We are not the only breed who is a variation of another AKC recognized breed. There are more breeds that qualify that was created.
We have stood by for years and ignored the slanderous material created by the ASTCA in an effort to discredit our dogs and the breeders of these smaller dogs know as Chinese Imperials, or Imperial Shih Tzu but when we started seeing the unproven truth about the health of our little dogs distributed by AKC Registry upon instruction of the ASTCA.

We feel we have every right to show off our best puppy's and adult Shih Tzu's in the ring just as any magnificent breed of dog. In our efforts we found we can show and be accepted as Chinese Imperial Dog's by many dog registries and soon AKC. Our healthy Imperial Shih Tzu deserve this right. Our pure bred Shih Tzu are registered with the AKC American Kennel Club as a Shih Tzu and registered as Chinese Imperial Dog with CPR and Cid Reg.

We breed for Quality and standard of our Chinese Imperial Dogs. Having healthy puppy's is our main concern. Our Shih Tzu's have only a couple of litter's a year. Our puppy's are vet checked, wormed and have dew claws removed. Our Shih Tzu's receive the proper vaccines and we stand behind our Chinese Imperial Dogs with a written guarantee.
Living in sunny Arizona where the weather is too hot to ship we want to have face to face contact to meet our buyers in person or we can meet our customer's half way to get their puppy . We also give 24 hours support

We will not sell our puppy's to brokers or pet stores

 Denise # 602-350-4805

Nursery and upcoming litter's
Mom and Dad page
Past Puppies and Fun Pictures
Health Information
True facts on Imperials
Health Guarantee and Sales Contract
Brief History of Imperials



*If you aren't able to afford a superior quality Shih tzu puppy from us, please consider adopting from your local shelter. If you wish to buy the lowest priced puppy, you will be patronizing unethical breeding practices that produce poorly bred and unhealthy Shih tzu puppies! If you are against Puppy Mills please do not purchase your new family member from a pet shop they are the
#1 consumers of this horrible heartless act.*                                                   

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Welcome to hug a baby web site,
hope  you enjoy the information
about our little Shih Tzu's



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